Shock Absorbers

A 4,000-model Lineup to Meet Yours Needs

J.C.A.P.’s comprehensive lineup of direct-fit shock absorbers covers most vehicle makes and models with particular focus on Japanese and Korean cars. Combining comfort, value, and convenience with OE-equivalent quality or better, J.C.A.P. shock absorbers will revitalize your driving experience with improved handling, reduced tire wear and braking distances, and a smoother, safer ride.

Strict Quality Control System for Every Production Process

Hit the road with confidence. J.C.A.P. shock absorbers are precision-made and non-destructively tested to strict quality-control standards through every step of production. Enjoy the same high quality you expect from an equivalent OE part over a 2-year or 60,000 km replacement period.

Shock Absorbers


Shock absorbers are critical to vehicle maneuverability. J.C.A.P. shock absorbers deliver an excellent balance of passenger comfort and handling secured with an uncompromising commitment to safety and quality. we can supply ready-to-install replacement shock absorbers made with the latest production technologies.

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Individual Lot Numbers

We take after-sales service seriously, not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but also as a means to continually improve product quality. That’s why we stamp individual lot numbers on every product we make, so we can easily trace any issue back to the source.

Shock Absorbers products


Our Responsibility as a Supplier

J.C.A.P. is an original brand created by Central Automotive Products Ltd., an established Japanese auto parts and products supplier with long experience in the global auto industry and a network covering more than 60 countries. We provide prompt, convenient service to overseas customers via our domestic and international networks, with every order packed securely and shipped with confidence and pride.

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J.C.A.P. is an original brand distributed by Central Automotive Products Ltd., a company founded by Tomizo Ueno in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, with 10 overseas subsidiaries and offices servicing more than 60 countries. Feel welcome to contact us with your trade or consumer inquiry via the button below. Your query will be directed to the relevant specialist, who will respond to you as soon as possible.