Motor Oil

High-Spec Motor Oil, Tailored to You

Our design team can formulate a quality motor oil to best suit your vehicle and usage environment. Available in mineral, semi-synthetic, full synthetic, and full synthetic PAO blends in a variety of grades and viscosities, J.C.A.P. Motor Oil is specified to API and/or ACEA to suit a wide range of vehicles, conditions, and climates.

With the wide range of our product lineup supplied from Japan and the world, J.C.A.P. motor oil proposes you the most suitable solution matching your needs.

Motor Oil

Premium Japanese Motor Oil

Elevate your driving experience with our Japanese Precision Motor Oil, produced with meticulous attention to detail. With the latest technologies that meet the newest standard API SP / ILSAC GF-6A designed to help prevent LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition), our motor oil provides the perfect balance of lubrication, protection and performance. Unlock the full performance of your engine.

Motor Oil


We can supply the best oil for your needs by adjusting the mix of additives—each with specific lubricating, sealing, anti-oxidation, cooling, and dispersion characteristics—to a high-spec base oil. In this way, we provide the optimal balance of lubricant and protection to suit your engine, mileage, and local climate. Choose a package and volume that’s right for you, from 1 L plastic bottles to 200 L drums.

Motor Oil products
Motor Oil products


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J.C.A.P. is an original brand created by Central Automotive Products Ltd., an established Japanese auto parts and products supplier with long experience in the global auto industry and a network covering more than 60 countries. We provide prompt, convenient service to overseas customers via our domestic and international networks, with every order packed securely and shipped with confidence and pride.

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