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Experience smooth, stress-free starts every time you hit the road. Whether tackling short commutes or long journeys, J.C.A.P. automotive batteries deliver consistent, dependable, and efficient power across various vehicle makes and models.




Batteries are essential in automotive systems as they store electrical energy for starting the engine and powering accessories when the engine is off. Selecting a reliable battery is critical for your vehicle's performance and long-lasting life, especially in different weather conditions. J.C.A.P. batteries provide superior power and durability, ensuring reliable performance and long-term value.


Our Responsibility as a Supplier

J.C.A.P. is an original brand created by Central Automotive Products Ltd., an established Japanese auto parts and products supplier with long experience in the global auto industry and a network covering more than 60 countries. We provide prompt, convenient service to overseas customers via our domestic and international networks, with every order packed securely and shipped with confidence and pride.

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J.C.A.P. is an original brand distributed by Central Automotive Products Ltd., a company founded by Tomizo Ueno in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, with 10 overseas subsidiaries and offices servicing more than 60 countries. Feel welcome to contact us with your trade or consumer inquiry via the button below. Your query will be directed to the relevant specialist, who will respond to you as soon as possible.