Reliable Heat Management

J.C.A.P. radiators deliver consistent cooling, keeping your engine at optimal temperatures. Durable aluminum construction exhibits excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. Trust us to protect your pride and joy and experience peace of mind on every journey.




adiators are vital components of a vehicle's cooling system, made from lightweight and heat-conductive materials such as aluminum. They use a network of tubes and fins to disperse heat from the engine coolant to the air. This cooling process prevents the engine from overheating, ensuring efficient operation and longevity. J.C.A.P. radiators offer advanced cooling efficiency, optimizing engine performance and extending vehicle lifespan.



Individual Lot Numbers

We take after-sales service seriously, not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but also as a means to continually improve product quality. That’s why we stamp individual lot numbers on every product we make, so we can easily trace any issue back to the source.


Our Responsibility as a Supplier

J.C.A.P. is an original brand created by Central Automotive Products Ltd., an established Japanese auto parts and products supplier with long experience in the global auto industry and a network covering more than 60 countries. We provide prompt, convenient service to overseas customers via our domestic and international networks, with every order packed securely and shipped with confidence and pride.

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J.C.A.P. is an original brand distributed by Central Automotive Products Ltd., a company founded by Tomizo Ueno in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, with 10 overseas subsidiaries and offices servicing more than 60 countries. Feel welcome to contact us with your trade or consumer inquiry via the button below. Your query will be directed to the relevant specialist, who will respond to you as soon as possible.